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In 1985, Guangzhou Crystal Material Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established by Guangzhou Electronic Technology Institute of Chinese Science Academy. Production of the first batch of diamond glass edge-grinding wheels commenced. In 1986, the first batch of round-saw diamond blades was developed by several experts from Chinese Science Academy, and put into mass production. In 1987, production of the first batch of large marble and granite blades commenced. In 1988, the first batch of small saw blades (to replace those previously imported) was produced, and sold well in the domestic market. In 1991, products were exported to foreign counties. In 1992, annual sales exceeded RMB 10 million Yuan. In 1993, the diamond saw blade series was awarded second prize at the Scientific Technology Progress Awards in Guangzhou. In 1996, the 110mm wet cut diamond blade was regarded as a key new product in Guangdong Province. In 1999, 166,650 square metres of land was purchased to build new workshops in Gaotang Industrial Zone, Guangzhou. In 2000, New workshops were put into use, with a total building area of 8,000 square metres. In 2001, the company name changed to Guangzhou Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. In 2003, "Diamond Laser Welding Technology Research" was confirmed as a Guangzhou scientific achievement. In 2004, "Research of New Technology and New Formula for Production of Automobile Glass Grinding Wheel " project approved by Tianhe District Science and Technology Bureau, and completed successfully. In 2005, "Environment Friendly Diamond Drill' s Research and Development" project approved by Science and Technology Bureau, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. In 2006, "Development of Concrete Chain Saws" project approved by Innovation Fund of Ministry of Science and Technology. Guangzhou Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. is now a professional diamond tools manufacturer. We have superior equipment, self-contained testing systems and strong technical capacity. Our diamond cutting tools, grinding wheels and core drilling bits are widely used to process stone materials, ceramics, glass, seashell, fire-retardant materials, concrete and asphalt. Through our use of technology, we are dedicated to offering you better diamond tool solutions.
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